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Power Arm at Hardball New York provides full-service sports performance training, offering high caliber, science-backed training for athletes of all ages,

levels, and sports.

Our goal is to present a modern, comprehensive, and elite form of sport-specific training- the optimal environment where we not only cater to making an athlete bigger, faster, and stronger for their respective sport(s), but more importantly focus on the athlete’s recovery, longevity, overall health, and knowledge/education of sports performance.

We believe that this, in conjunction with our dedicated and passionate staff, will allow our athletes the best opportunity to achieve optimal performance in a healthyand sustainable way.


Fully-customized programming 1-on-1 with a Power Arm expert trainer. Our most intimate training environment, with

flexible scheduling.


Group classes (8-13yo) designed to provide young athletes with a solid athletic foundation, focusing on developing sport-specific speed, power, strength, and coordination



All-inclusive memberships(14+ Yrs Old) customized to each athlete, designed to create a competitive, but intimate training environment.

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