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Our Services

Hitting Sessions

 Our staff will evaluate your mechanics & help identify strengths and weaknesses that we can build off of to get you to the next level!

Fielding Sessions

Our staff understands the importance of defense and will help you develop routines & habits that will translate to success on the field!

Pitching Sessions

From Arm Care  to Long Toss & everything in between we have pitchers covered! Our baseball/softball coaches will get you ready for the next level!

Private instruction for all age and skill levels. Instructional packages range in cost and can be tailored to fit each athletes needs.

We will focus on  Fundamental Skill Development for younger players and will specialize in Defense,

 Pitching, & Hitting for the older players. 






Our instructors will help you and your teams improve every day, year-round. We develop a program based on the goals of your team. 

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Cage Rentals

 Individuals and groups can reserve time in our batting and pitching tunnels Please inquire about times and reservation policy. 

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We cover everything from hitting, fielding, throwing, & pitching. Our staff will also go over how to effectively run practices & manage a team.

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We will come to you!

For individuals or organizations looking for professional coaches to run practices and/or games!

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Our Virtual Training Classes are for players, parents, & coaches! The goal of our classes are to offer continuous education for our athletes!

Cage rentals


Online Classes

coach clinics

Team rentals


Our Strength & Conditioning Classes are for Baseball & Softball Players ages 8 & up. Our main focus with our Athletes will be Strength, Stability, Mobility, Flexibility, Conditioning, & REST!!

We also provide Adult Programs for those parents looking to get in the best shape of their lives!


Our Memberships can be tailored just for you!  We will put each athlete through both a skill and sports performance evaluation. This allows us to place you in the best suited programs for your individual needs. We look forward to helping everybody reach  their baseball/softball potential.

Travel Baseball Teams


Hardball NY Baseball & Softball Teams are a highly competitive brand of travel baseball/softball. Players will be coached by our professional staff, each of whom has achieved collegiate and/or professional level of success. Click Below for more details regarding each of our programs!

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Hardball Strength
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